Lehká inkontinence

Carin Light Incontinence
Product code 00521-5
Logistic information
Length of san. napkins 230 mm +-5%
Width of san. napkins 95x155x95 mm +-5%
Bar code of packet 8594004301048
Bar code of carton 18594004302172
Packet information
Packet width 13 cm
Packet depth 7,5 cm
Packet height 9 cm
Netto packet weight 84 g
Brutto packet weight 87 g
Napkin quantity in packet 8
Carton information
Carton dimensions (l × w × h) 385x266x270 mm
Netto carton weight 2,61 kg
Brutto carton weight 2,87 kg
Packet quantity in carton 30
Carton content 0,02765 m3
Pallet information
Carton quantity in 1 level 9
Quantity of levels on the pallet 7
Carton quantity on the pallet 63
Packet quantity on the pallet 1890
Pallet dimensions 120x80 cm
Pallet height - incl.pallet (15 cm) 205 cm
Pallet weight 200,81 kg
Lehká inkontinence