Your Sanitary Napkins Producer

Private labels

The basic form of a PRIVATE LABEL cooperation


Private label enables you to easily and swiftly broaden your current line of goods without paying high investment costs in connection with purchasing a new technology, its activation and the following production itself. How to do that? It is only necessary to select one or more products from our product line which will best implement your own product range. The rest is very easy…

Private label products

Product categories

In case of your interest in the individuality of the product, it is possible to make technological or material changes based on your requirements and obtain an individual price calculation of the product.

Product quality

The price depends on the quality of the sanitary napkins line (size, weight, type and materials used).

Input raw materials

The Private label products are made of the highest-quality materials provided by renowned suppliers, because we believe that high-quality input raw materials create a base of the quality of the final product.

In case you require a product with its own specification of materials (e.g. different width of the silicon tape, colour of PE foil, different weight of nonwoven textile, different types of surfaces etc.), we will produce a test series which will undergo testing in our own laboratory. We will then examine the changes in parameters of the product and after its approval the actual production can be started.


The production is based on a contract that contains all the raw material and geometric specifications of the products that are realised under your brand. The packaging for the products is the only material that is considered as your property in the FIDE warehouse. We will notify you about the remaining amount upon request.

Packaging and design

  • You will be asked to propose the design and trademark and/or logo
  • Recommended software for MAC - FREEHAND, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, ILUSTRATOR
  • The price for graphic works is usually 250 EUR for each colour paid in advance
  • After finishing the graphic work we will provide you with the cliché for your approval and possible correction before starting the actual production
  • We will provide the packaging based on a separate contract
  • Minimum amount of packaging is 100,000 pieces of each type, advanced payment required prior to production
  • The production of the packaging starts after paying the pro forma invoice for the packaging
  • The delivery time of the packaging is 31 days minimum after the cliché approval
  • Once the packaging is produced it will become your property and you can purchase your goods as call offs.
  • You will be invoiced goods without packaging (packaging paid in advance as stated above)
  • All price offers will be on EXW BRTNICE, CZ basis.

Available packing dimensions

  • size sanitary napkins ULTRA - DRAWING
  • size sanitary napkins SINGEL anatomic - DRAWING
  • size sanitary napkins STANDARD anatomic - DRAWING - DRAWING
  • size sanitary napkins NIGHT anatomic - DRAWING