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Carin & Oasis ProBiotic

Carin & Oasis ProBiotic products

A unique combination of sanitary napkins and probiotics! A unique solution of vaginal yeast infection!

Sanitary napkins with probiotic culture support the health of vaginal mucosa and urinary tract. The napkins contain pure probiotic culture named Lactobacillus Acidophilus. Probiotics are body-friendly bacteria that facilitate balance in the vaginal are. Probiotics are a natural and indispensable component of the vaginal mucous membrane.

Light Incontinence

Light Incontinence products

Involuntary small leaks of urine (light incontinence) are a relatively widespread problem that can affect anyone, regardless of age or sex, and can make daily life unpleasant.

Our special absorption pads, which are partly covered under health insurance plans, offer an effective solution for your problem. CARIN light incontinence pads are available as an over-thecounter article not only in the network of pharmacies, but also in regular drugstores, COOP stores, and selected department store chains. Do not let incontinence control your life – consult your doctor or pharmacist!

Sanitary napkins, panty liners and lady tampons


Carin brand products

The premium brand of the highest quality. The latest and widest product range of hygiene products. The strictest criteria of product quality are observed. Modern packaging design & top quality satisfies even the most demanding customer! This product range concludes also very popular Products for light incontinence and as NOVELTY sanitary napkins with probiotic culture.


Micci brand products

The longest known and a very popular brand which offers high quality products. A great combination of high quality products & modern packaging design ensures a large turnover on the shelves of shops.


Oasis brand products

The complete range of high level products which contains not only sanitary napkins, panty liners, lady tampons but also as NOVELTY sanitary napkins with probiotic culture.