Your Sanitary Napkins Producer

FIDE - Production & Innovation

The company FIDE does not only produce sanitary pads, but also carries out its own development programme in this field! Based on the market requirements and material development trends, new products are being developed and tested.

In 1995, we designed our first own type of night use sanitary pads. In fact, this model is still being sold (after various innovations) today, especially in the Western Europe.

In 2001, FIDE in cooperation with the German manufacturer of technologies BIKOMA, created a new trend in the field of modern ultra thin sanitary pads that is protected by the Industrial Property Office. The key to the success is the new absorption core that does not consist of absorbent paper as usual, but contains two opposite layers of absorbent celluloses and precisely distributed superabsorbent. The advantage of these ultra thin pads is their higher absorption speed (faster than absorbent paper), higher absorption capacity and minimal backward leakage.

FIDE owns the state-of-the-art production technology BIKOMA DEDE 300 for the production of ultra thin sanitary pads and high-speed packaging machine OPTIMA OM2 – both machines made by German manufacturers. All of the production is fully automatic and "without the touch of human hand."

The production of night use pads and standard type pads is done by modernized technology of our own construction based on SW 95 and packaging machine FAST 300 - both machines made by Italian manufacturers.

All FIDE products are tested gradually:

  • in our own laboratory and daily compared to the approved etalons
  • in the National Institute of Public Health in Prague (validation of the microbiological purity)
  • in an independent laboratory Hy-Tec in Germany
  • in laboratories of our suppliers, where we examine the effect of innovations to the final product